Voluntary Contributions

Benefit from your voluntary contributions in several ways – from a Charity Account to Payroll Giving.

Voluntary Contributions

With organisations and voluntary-aided institutions relying on voluntary contributions to enhance their environment and community facilities – you too can benefit from your donations with SmartGiving™.

Paying basic tax rate?

A SmartGiving charity account works just like an online bank account, but for charitable and voluntary giving. 

When you donate £10 we will automatically claim your Gift Aid, giving you 25%* more into your charity account for you to give to charities of your choice.

*Admin fees will apply

Paying more than basic rate tax?

If you are paying more than basic rate tax you will be eligible to receive extra tax relief when paying voluntary contributions and charitable donations with SmartGiving™ when you are filing your tax return.

The relief you will get will go straight to you, and the amount to include on your tax return is shown prominently on your dashboard and statement. 

Now that is what we call SmartGiving™!