Smart Donate

SmartGiving™ offers low cost donation and fundraising solutions for all charities.

One-off and Fundraising donations have an admin fee of 3.5% or less. You will also be able to link to your own SmartGiving page and we will do all the work for you.

Simply create you own charity page on SmartGiving™ to maximise your donation & fundraising potential.

By joining SmartGiving™ today all admin fees are 3.5% meaning you get more of the donations.

Gift Aid supplement£2.50
Transaction fee3.5%
Card handling feen/a
Total fees£0.43
Your charity gets£12.07

Manage your supporters

SmartGiving™ gives you access to all available donor details, which are easily accessible through our online portal and helps charities to plan ahead.

Perfect Charity Partnerships

We will work with your corporate partners to make them aware of the benefits of Payroll Giving & Matched Giving services and how these can help provide the company with tax incentives and provide the charity with continuous monthly income