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Designed around you

SmartGiving is all about putting your needs first, as a charitable giver. Our efficient, streamlined services are designed to
save you time and make the most of your charity-allocated funds, and could even save you 25% on tax-deductible expenses.

Giving and fundraising - all in one place

At SmartGiving we provide the full package. Whether you're a giver or a fundraiser (or both!), you don't need to shop around - a SmartGiving account comes with both a charitable giving account and a "Fundraising HQ" which enables you to collect sponsorships and be a more effective fundraiser.

Together with our efficient service and highly competitive rates, SmartGiving is the smarter way to do charity!

Multiply your giving power

Other charity accounts claim your Gift Aid rebate on each charitable donation that you make, and pass it on directly to the charity that you aredonating towards on that occasion.

SmartGiving works differently:when we reclaim Gift Aid for you we credit the money back into your account. This leaves you 25%better off, provides you with greater flexibility to give how and when you chose, and could save you almost 25% on tax-deductible expenses such as voluntary contributions to religious organisations or institutions. (See Fees for more details.)

Flexible Giving

SmartGiving's online facilities are simple and easy to use.Donate online using our "Find a Charity" search engine for instant access to any UK-registered charity you wish to support, at the click of a button.

Alternatively you can use your handy charity account voucherbook, which comes as standard with your account, or donate by phone by calling 0800 358 1191 and speaking to a member of our friendly and professional team.

Smart Essentials and Smart Extras

There are two categories of SmartGiving services, all of which are available to you when you register an account with us.

SmartGiving's Smart Essentials includes your SmartGiving charity account, as well as a 'Fundraising HQ' which empowers you to construct
and manage your own fundraising campaigns. 

SmartGiving's Smart Extras includes a number of special accounts and facilities, including payroll giving and gifts of shares facilities, a free taxcode review, help with your tax returns, and more.

More information

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