Fundraising Hints and Tips

Running your own fundraising campaign?

Here are some simple but effective hints and tips for you:

Make it interesting – think outside the box

Probably the most basic, yet most important piece of advice.

The success of your fundraising campaign or sponsored event depends largely on how much attention you can generate. Try to capture people’s imaginations – the more people who are actually interested in what you’re doing, the more sponsorships you can generate.

You don’t have to climb Everest blindfolded, or paraglide over a volcano (although that would probably work). Just be original and think of a unique angle that will draw the interest of your friends, family, or even the wider public.

Do your friends know about your fear of heights? Try bungee-jumping or sky-diving. Are you running a marathon? Run it as a chicken. Do you talk too much? Take up a vow of silence and see how many people will pay to shut you up!

Pick a cause that people can relate to, or one that’s close to your heart

Another way to raise awareness about your campaign is to communicate what you’re raising money for and why. For example, if it is a cause that a loved one, try dedicating your challenge or event. If it affects you directly, draw attention to that point. If not, consider your audience, and pick a cause that will speak to them.

Relish the challenge

Personal challenges are a great way to get fit, see the world, and try something new and exciting. That ‘personal challenge’ aspect is also an effective way of drawing more attention and inspiring others to donate – or even to try something themselves!

Don’t be afraid to push yourself to the limit –  You won’t regret it when you cross that finish-line…

Keep it simple

Being ambitious is one thing – but over complicating your challenge could be its downfall. For example, if it’s not something you can easily explain, don’t go there. And never bite off more than you can chew!

Think ahead

Forward-planning is key to the success of your fundraising initiative. Keep an eye out for upcoming events that are already organised (marathons, triathlons, bike-rides, etc.) and start training well in advance.

If you’re doing your own thing and not joining a pre-organised event, don’t forget to consider things like the weather at that time of year, the local terrain, what equipment you might need and other people who might be able to help (or join in).

Stay focused and have fun

Once you’ve picked your challenge – enjoy it! There might be some difficulties along the way, but take it all in your stride and stay focused on your goal.

Find a partner

Going it alone is always more difficult, so think about finding a partner or two.


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