For Charities

For Charities

SmartGiving is all about making charity easier, more efficient and more effective. That's why, in addition to our wide range of services for charitable givers and fundraisers, SmartGiving also provides a number of useful services for charities themselves.  

784_Charitiesthisway.jpg      When you sign up as a charity user you can:

  • Assess your charity's performance by monitoring donations made through SmartGiving

  • Increase sponsorships to your charity by encouraging your supporters to Fundraise with SmartGiving. Fundraising with SmartGiving is not only simple and easy to use - our fees of just 3.5% mean that your charity will receive a more of the funds raised when compared to our competitors

  • Access and print remittance advices

  • View and edit your charity's settings (please note that your charity's bank details cannot be changed online. If you wish to change them, please contact us directly on Freephone 0800 358 1191.)

Becoming a SmartGiving charity client takes just a matter of minutes - 

sign up today, or contact us for more information.