Charity Accounts

Individuals and Companies

You too can set up a SmartGiving Charity Account as a private individual or as a company, and benefit from our comprehensive range of tax-efficient giving and fundraising services.

See how it works and the benefits:

Sign up for a Charity Account today

Using your SmartGiving account couldn't be easier. As soon as you've signed up you can make your first "top up" into your account. Your deposit will be instantly credited, and you can start giving immediately!

Once you've made your first top up, SmartGiving will apply to HMRC for your Gift Aid tax rebate the same day (please allow 16 working days from your top up). Once we've received the rebate, we'll automatically transfer it into your account, leaving you nearly 25% better off!

You can donate your extra charitable funds as you wish provided that they are approved donations.

Please note: Although companies do not qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, you can still benefit from a SmartGiving account by offsetting any charitable donations against your annual corporate liability. For more information, contact us via our online form, or call FreePhone 0800 358 1191.

Letter of Wishes

When an account holder dies any remaining funds that they have put into their account are outside their estate for probate and inheritance tax purposes. A letter of wishes tells us, and your family and/or executors, the charities you'd like to support after your death. This makes the process more straightforward. All you need do is to list the charities or charitable causes in your letter of wishes and send it to us. You can change your mind as many times as you wish by simply sending us an updated letter of wishes.

Giving: your charity account

Online giving

SmartGiving's online charitable giving facility works like an online banking account, but for charitable giving only. You can view statements, make deposits ("top ups") and donate online to any UK-registered charity (Terms and Conditions apply). Our "Find a Charity" search engine enables you to find the cause you're looking for, and our handy Gift Aid Calculator let's you calculate exactly how much Gift Aid you can expect to receive - and how much more you could claim back using our Extra Tax Benefits services.

Payroll Giving

A great way to save even more money. Payroll Giving deducts your charity-allocated funds from your gross salary - so you pay less tax overall.

See more information on the benefits of Payroll Giving here

Extra tax benefits

Our extra tax benefits could help you claim even more back from the taxman, and save time on your tax-returns. 

Fundraising with SmartGiving

Challenge yourself - do something exciting and raise money for a cause you're passionate about! A SmartGiving account lets you create and manage your own fundraising pages, so you can be a more effective fundraiser.

Set-up a Fundraising page today to give more to charity

More money to your charity

Our flat fee of 3.5% means that we're cheaper than our competitors, including Just Giving, and there's no membership or joining fee either. Just open an account with us and get going straight away!

Once you've signed up to SmartGiving, all you need to do is create a fundraising page, and you'll be live and ready to go immediately. You can create your page either through your "My Account" section, or by clicking the "Start Fundraising" button at the top of the page.

Then just share it with your friends, family and supporters - and watch the sponsorships roll in!

Register your SmartGiving account today.


Charity voucherbooks

SmartGiving's charity voucherbook is another convenient way to donate to charity. You get one as standard when you register an account with us, and can order a replacement online in a matter of seconds when you need a new one. It works just like a chequebook, with counterfoils to help you keep a record of your donations, and is particularly useful for giving on the go, for example at charity dinners.

Daytime call centre

Our experienced, friendly and professional team are available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have on

FreePhone 0800 358 1191. 

Office hours are Monday to Thursday: 9:00am-5:30pm, and Friday: 9:00am-1:30pm.


For more information on any of our services please contact us here

Smart Account

  • Additional 25% Gift Aid added to your account
  • Give online to support causes
  • Our highly competitive fees are better than leading competitors
  • All proceeds go towards worthy causes
Join today?

Smart Account

  • Additional 25% Gift Aid added to your account
  • Give online to support causes
  • Our highly competitive fees are better than leading competitors
  • All proceeds go towards worthy causes
Join today?