Official Statement from SmartGiving

Posted Dec 23, 2019

SmartGiving is sad to hear that Society of Friends of Torah (SOFT) has gone into administration and we understand that some of our donors have been affected.  SmartGiving has no formal relationship with SOFT and we are unaffected by this event.

As we do not have the full details of the circumstances apart from the fact the vouchers won’t be honoured we would like to see how SmartGiving (KKL Charity Accounts 1105998) could be in a position to help those that are affected.

SmartGiving wants to reassure donors that its funds are kept in segregated bank accounts. Our compliance and due diligence work are stringent and we have an excellent working relationship with HMRC.  Each month we check that there are sufficient funds in these accounts to pay out fully all individual account balances.  These checks are audited by accountants as part of the annual audits and no concerns have been raised by them. KKL/SmartGiving have been running charity accounts for over 60 years and is in a strong financial position.   SmartGiving accounts are available to view via our website.

We hope that this will give you peace of mind and reassurance, but please do not hesitate to contact Jeremy Freeman via email with any further questions that you may have.

Jeremy Freeman
Business Manager