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Posted May 11, 2015

Looking for another string to your CSR bow?

Our Payroll Giving scheme makes it easier for you to give tax free regular donations to the charities of your choice direct from your pay.

Giving this way means your donation can be boosted by up to 45% enabling your charity to plan better for the future and reduce its administration costs.  If you gift £10 from your take home pay this will be boosted to £16.66 if you are a 40% rate tax payer and £12.50 if you are a basic rate taxpayer.

Benefits for Employee:

  • Payroll Giving works by taking charity-allocated funds from your gross pay automatically each month, so you end up paying less tax overall
  • Donate to specific charities or have funds placed in a SmartGiving Charity Account to use as and when you wish
  • It’s quick, flexible and hassle-free, allowing you to donate to any UK registered charity of your choice, as often as you choose, and eliminating the need for a tax return to claim higher rate tax relief.

Benefits for Employer:

  • Features as part of an employer’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy
  • Little administrative burden 
  • Any costs incurred in setting up a scheme and promoting it to staff may be offset against Corporation Tax as tax deductible expenses
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Reasons To Fundraise With SmartGiving

  • Simple, effective and intuitive system
  • More money to your charity with Gift Aid
  • Our highly competitive fees are better than leading competitors
  • All proceeds go towards worthy causes
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