Back to School with SmartGiving

Posted Aug 7, 2019

As the school holidays start to wrap up and children get ready to head back to the classroom, there may be a large shopping trip on the cards for some parents. The cost of new uniforms, shoes and stationery can add up pretty quickly.   

This doesn’t take into account the voluntary contributions at Jewish schools, which cover security and Jewish education costs. With the average cost of contributions being around £1450 per child per year, it’s no wonder that many parents can start to feel the strain.

Few parents realise, however, that SmartGiving can provide smart savings on these contributions.

How does it work?

Opening a charity account with SmartGiving puts you in control of your charitable giving. One of the main benefits is that as soon as you add money into your account, we automatically add your Gift Aid of 25 per cent, which can then be distributed as you see fit.

For example, you could open an online account with the minimum top-up of £50. We automatically top this up with £12.50 Gift Aid. After we take an admin fee of 3.5%, you’ll have £60.31 that can be used to donate to any number of charities.

Make a smart contribution

School contributions can be paid for in exactly the same way – and can also benefit from this 25 per cent boost. This means that the additional Gift Aid sum you receive can be used towards the total cost of the contribution, therefore reducing the amount you have to pay.

This means that on a school voluntary contribution of £1450 per child, just £1202.07 would need to be paid in your account– saving you £247.93 per child. You can put money into your account in instalments, and SmartGiving can accommodate any amount that you pay in voluntary contributions - even partial payments. We can set up regular payments to the school on your behalf too.

Below are some examples of savings you could make on a payment of £1450:

Monthly £120.83.Top-Up £100.17.Saving £20.66 per month.
Termly £483.33.Top-Up £400.69.Saving £82.64 per term.
Annually £1450.00.Top- Up £1202.07.Saving £247.93 per annum.

Early bird Amazon offer

Open a SmartGiving account with £200 before 30 September and you’ll receive a £10 Amazon voucher.

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