Hints & Tips

Running your own fundraising campaign?

Here are some simple but effective hints and tips for you:

1. Think outside the box!

It sounds obvious, but it’s the most essential piece of advice. The success of your fundraising campaign / sponsored event depends on how much attention you can generate. Try to capture people’s imagination – think about what will make the public connect with the cause on a universal scale.

Do your friends know about your fear of heights? Try bungee-jumping or sky-diving. Are you running a marathon? Run it as a chicken. Do you talk too much? Take up a vow of silence and see how many people will pay to shut you up!

2. Keep it simple.

Being ambitious is one thing – but over complicating your challenge or not effectively articulating it could be your downfall. Having an overall target with realistic milestones is crucial. If your fundraising idea is not something you can easily explain, or won’t be relatable to your target audience, generate a different idea!

3. Find a partner

Going it alone is always more difficult, so think about finding a partner or even putting together a team. You could delegate roles such as social media manager, account manager, content creator, etc!


4. Share your own smart tips.

Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or just a rookie, tell your story, share your experiences, and help others benefit from what you’ve learnt on the way. You’ll be surprised how much it can help motivate others.

5. Make the most of social media

Social media allows you to emphatically expand your reach to your intended audience and beyond, with much less effort and little to no expense at all.

Here are our social media advertising tips and tricks that’ll help your campaign to reach the most people:

Post regularly and give updates. Once you reach people who begin to get invested with the campaign, they will want updates to know how it’s going. Posting comments such as ‘we are only 1000 away from our goal!’ will simultaneously reassure donors their donation is having an effect whilst attracting new donors.

Give specifics in your captions. Let people know exactly where their money is going. For example, the caption ‘Just ten pounds can give an entire family a hot meal.’ will encourage donors that their money is having a real, direct impact.

Think about how text and image interact with each other on the page. Give as many visuals as possible, including images, videos, and typographical advertisements.

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