As a registered charity we keep our fees to a bare minimum.

We keep our fees to a bare minimum and seek only to cover our costs. Our fees are simple and transparent, with no hidden charges. There is no joining or membership fee – we just ask for a £50 minimum deposit when you open your account.

Fees are taken per deposit (‘top up’) only and charged on the gross donation amount (including Gift Aid).

We are a registered charity, and any surplus fees are donated to good causes.

Online Deposits

Amount deposited Gift Aid Our Fee
Up to £15,000 25% 3.5%
£15,000+ 25% 1%

Offline Deposit

Amount deposited Gift Aid Our Fee
Up to £8,000 25% 5%
£8,001 – £18,000 25% 3%
£18,001+ 25% 1%

Fundraising platform

SmartGiving charges an admin fee of 3.5% on donations made to a fundraising page. Other platforms charge much more than this.

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Payroll Giving

Maximum fee on Payroll Giving donation is 3.5%. Depending on the number of employees in your organisation we will discuss a lower admin fee.

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