Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

There are always more questions than answers but we have tried to cover off as much as we can below

You can increase or decrease the value of your donations at any point during the year, please contact your payroll department. If you want to change your choice of charities, login to your SmartGiving™ Charity Account at any time to amend these details. Please note, it can take up to 12 weeks for your first donation to show in your account.

Donations are distributed by SmartGiving™ in line with the Payroll Giving regulations. For the majority of donations this means that the donation is passed to the charity within 35 days of receipt from the employer; in some circumstances it may take up to 60 days. SmartGiving™ makes weekly donations each month, ensuring that the charities your employees support receive donations quickly and cost-effectively.

Your payroll ID number is typically found on your payslip and is the number you will have used when signing up to Payroll Giving. If you are unsure of the number that was used when setting up the account please contact your payroll department for more information.

SmartGiving has a database of thousands of UK registered charities but if your preferred charity is not listed, you can complete a ‘Charity Request Form’ within the ‘Donate to Charity’ section of your SmartGiving™ Charity Account and they will be added to the SmartGiving™ database once they have been validated. You will need to know the full charity name, address, registration number (Charity Commission, OSCR, HMRC etc.) and you will need to add your contact details to the form.

There is no minimum or maximum number of charities you can support. The SmartGiving™ Charity Account allows you to make regular monthly donations or alternatively you can accrue some funds which will then allow you to donate larger amounts of money when your charity needs your help the most.

If you missplace your password, click on the link forgotten password, enter your email address and an email with a link will be sent to you to reset your password. Please check your junk email.

Payments from your salary will stop at the end of the month that you leave. Your SmartGiving™ Charity Account with SmartGiving will remain active, until you decide to close it.

As the majority of donations are carried out online we do not automatically send out Charity Cheque Books, however once you have activated and logged into your account you can request this through the SmartGiving™ Charity Account administration area.

SmartGiving™ can only make payments to charities if there are sufficient funds in your account. If a cheque is issued and there is no money in your account, the cheque will be held until there are sufficient funds available to make the payment; if we are unable to process the charity cheque, it will expire after six months from the date of issue.

We cannot guarantee that pending charity cheques will be redeemed in the order they were written.

If you log on and there is no money in your account, this could be due to the processing that needs to take place between your payroll department and SmartGiving™. As our system work in arrears, your account will be credited the following month after it has been deducted from your pay, so please consider this.

Yes – the charity will forward the charity cheque to SmartGiving™ who will debit the donation from your Smart Giving account and remit the funds to your chosen charity.

Email us at [email protected] with as much detail as possibe or contact our Customer Service team on 0208 732 6145

Unfortunately you cannot use your SmartGiving Charity account with other fundraising platforms as there is a chance of Gift Aid being claimed twice making you as the donor liable to repay HMRC.

No. As Gift Aid can only be applied once at point of donation

3.5% on a sliding scale.

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