Corporate Charity Partnerships

Smart giving made easy. You pay less, we do more.

Supporting a charity or cause that your employees believe in is a great way of engaging your team in your values, as well as communicating to your customers that you are a socially responsible organisation.

There are several reasons to consider a corporate charity partnership – it results in better brand recognition, increased visibility and revenue. It also boosts office morale and encourages teambuilding; enhancing recruitment, employee relations and staff retention.

Matched Giving enables your employees to boost their fundraising through payroll giving or individual fundraising ventures alongside which an employer can match and boost the amount they have raised. Our matched giving scheme allows you to match payroll donations and employee fundraising.

Matched Giving is tax-effective and can be deducted from a company’s corporation tax.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss how SmartGiving™ can help your company set up a corporate charity partnership or call our Customer Service Team on 020 8732 6145;